Our principles at Klein Construction recognize that the planing and pre-construction phases are critical to a successful project. Our foresight, attention to detail, and focused planning eliminates costly surprises in the construction process. With years of experience in commercial and residential construction, Klein begin with a careful consideration of our clients’ requirements and goals. We utilize Architectural Desktop (AutoCAD) software to design multiple site layouts, building designs, space plans, and other construction drawings so that our customers fully participate in the process of designing a Project that best fits their needs.

Here at Klein Construction we are by your side throughout the entire process to insure that only cost effective construction methods and techniques, incorporating quality materials, are utilized in the Project. We fully understand that “time is of the essence,” and implement a strict regimen so the work is fully completed when promised, it's the Klein way.


At the end of the day, it’s our people who make the true difference. Each person’s commitment to excellence. Willingness to work in a team environment. Desire to do whatever it takes. How do we achieve this commitment from our owner-employees? By emphasizing and providing the following:

  • Tools, training and opportunities for growth
  • An environment that encourages and recognizes innovation
  • Challenging career opportunities
  • Exceptional financial rewards
  • Sense of Family
  • A zealous commitment to safety and quality
  • Dedication to three core values


When all is said and done, our ultimate mission is a lofty (and never-ending) quest is to be The Best Commercial and Residential Builder in Wisconsin. There are innumerable facets to this goal—but rest assured—it’s one that is shared by every Klein Construction owner-employee and brought to bear on every Klein project.